If you're ready to try the X39 Stem Cell Activation Patches read below:

You don't have to join the Marketing System to buy them to try as a "Preferred Customer" as they call it. These instructions below will let you try them without joining the "structure". It just requires a monthly order which you can cancel at any time and is risk free for 2 months considering the 90 Day money back on the first order and 30 days any order after that. They do charge a "one time" sign up fee of $19.95. If you are interested in sharing with others as a Distributor scroll down below the images. A Bonus is with each Monthly order you will also receive a free sample pack of their other patches to try then Plus on the 6th month they send an extra Free pack of X39 or any other patch!

First go to my site: Lifewave >

Confirm Country and Language on top left >

Click on the Orange Buy Now button >

Click I am not interested on current promotion (if you want) >

Scroll down to Click Add to Cart >

Chose Preferred Customer "Save Now" >

Click on the cart on the top right >

Checkout > Chose create an Acct >

then as you go through the sign up process you should see these >

then it will take you to shipping and payment info....

Call me if you have any questions with this process 415-203-5519.

Most people try them first like this as "Preferred Customer" at Wholesale price and later you might want to introduce others to them and have some income, that is when you sign up as a distributor. If you ever want do that let me know and I can explain the packages. I first started as a "Bronze" which was the same as buying them retail so no savings but then after a month when I was feeling results I went up to Gold which is a really good deal. It is $500 usd but you get $700 worth of Patches to use or share with others. There are larger packages which are even better deals!

To Our Health!

Bob Earl