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We have all heard of Stem Cells but the treatment is very expensive. Then I heard of Stem Cell activation patches and decided to try them. Now I have tried the X39 Patches since Aug 2020 and am pretty amazed at how they have helped me. People have various reactions, some very quickly and others after a month or so. We are all different! So far I have noticed:

1: After a few days was sleeping better, deeper and feeling more rested in the morning. This is the most common thing people notice.

2: I've had Prostate and Bladder issues for many years, it gets stiffer and is not as flexible as we age so you have to go more often. After 4 weeks or so I didn't have to go as often and had more when I went, seems like it is more flexible!

3: For years now I have had non-diabetic Neuropathy with tingling in my feet and calves. I was using some herbals that did help but in 2019 ran out and so did the supplier so I was out of them for 2 months, during that time it got much worse and even got up to my thighs. Once I got the herbs again it went back to what it was. After I started the X39 patches I stopped taking the herbs to experiment and the Neuropathy did not get any worse like last year, big surprise! It is not gone but did not go back how it did when I stopped the herbs! I am hoping with time this will keep improving.

4: I have had dry eye for years now with a feeling like I had sand in my eyes all day. The Optometrist said I have very small dandruff on my eyelids which was getting in my eyes causing the irritation. After 6 weeks on the X39 patches that is completely gone and my eyes are much more moist!

5: After 2 months I noticed my mood was much better even though things are hard now with Covid etc. Another nice surprise, plus more energy!

6: At about 2-1/2 months I noticed my moderate ED was MUCH better than using the testosterone supplements! Did not expect that, Feeling younger!

7: My leg cramps at night are gone after 3 months on the X39, wonderful!

Contact me if you want to chat about any of these items but look at the other testimonials below.

The X39 works different with everyone. So I can't say what they will do for you but they offer a 90 day Satisfaction Guarantee on the first order, then 30 day on any order after that, that is how much they believe in them. So its basically risk free!!!

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